Do we have to place orders via this website or can we just email PDF orders like we're used to?

DeskMakers' product offering is complex and has literally millions of potential configurations and options. Due to this complexity, fewer than 10% of our dealer POs are "clean and ready to produce" when first received. This requires numerous calls and emails before we can acknowledge your order and begin production. Therefore, to insure speed and accuracy we can only accept orders for the QE program if they are placed via this site. 

We realize that you may have to double-enter QE orders -- once on the web and once in your order management system. Nevertheless, by eliminating emails and phone calls we are confident that even after double-entry QE program orders will be way quicker and easier for you to process than standard DeskMakers' orders. 

There are items for a particular job that I’d like to order but aren’t on the QE program. Can I order those separately?

Certainly! We only ask that you put non-QE items on a separate PO which will be subject to normal lead times. We cannot combine non-QE items on the same PO as QE items. 

What should I do if there's a QE configuration I like but I need to have a small variation that is not shown on the website? 

We'd be happy to assist you in using a QE configuration as a "typical" for which we can quote modifications. Just let us know which QE configuration you'd like and what your desired modifications are, and we'll send you back a standard DeskMakers quote. You can submit a request through our web portal here.

And please email us if there are any configurations you'd like to see added to the QE program. 

Why are prices shown only in LIST? Can't you show me NET prices based on my dealer discount? 

We're working on it! In the future we hope to show NET pricing based on your login email address, but for now all prices are shown in LIST. Within two business days of receipt of your order, we will send you a normal DeskMakers acknowledgement showing NET pricing, your expected ready date, and any freight charges for orders that are below regional minimums. 

How can I create a quote instead of an order using the Quick & Easy site? 

Just add the items you're considering to a shopping cart and then print your shopping cart as a PDF (using your own PDF software or the built-in PDF capabilities of most desktop browsers). Your shopping cart will automatically be saved even if you close your browser or shut down your computer. You can then come back later to the site and click "CART" in the upper right to modify or place an order. 

Can I get a rendering of a QE configuration in the exact finishes I'd like to order?

Due to limited design resources, DeskMakers' policy is that we cannot create renderings for items in the QE program. However, below the description for every QE item are links to download CAD or Sketchup files in order to draw the items. High-resolution images of our finishes can be downloaded here. 

What happens if an end-user places an order through this site?

We doubt we'll get many orders from end-users as we state that the site is only available for approved office furniture dealers. However, if we do receive an end-user order, we will forward it to a local dealer to handle.